vendredi 17 septembre 2010

Daul Kim

(Séoul may 31th, 1989, Paris november 19th, 2009)

at Haneza F/W 2006
I intended to draw this model,
On november 18 th, 2009 I came to visit Daul Kim's blog, there was almost no comment to her posts...
In one post, she had written the reasons why she had liked " The three days of Condor", which is one of my favorites movies.
I did not dare to write a comment to share my point of view about this movie .
On november 19th, there were many comments after all of her posts.

"It's too late"
"It 's too late to shed a few tears.

Now they are no more there.
Too late, keep your tears
Too late, they will not see them.
Because it is when they are alive
We have to love the ones we love.
Because it is when they are alive
We have to give to the ones we love.
They are lying under the ground.
In theirs empties and cold houses
Where light will never more enter,
Where nothing cannot enter.

What will they do with those flowers,
Now that they are no more here?
What will they do with so many flowers?
So many flowers at the same time?
Did you bring them roses
At time they were still here?
They would have preferred, I think.
That you‘d known to say I love you.
That you‘d said it more often.
They should have wished to be loved
At time, time they were alive."
Here they are like statues
In the cold garden of silence
Where birds will never sing anymore
Where nothing is important
They will never see the sea anymore
Never more the sunset coming
The great forests at winter
The reddish brown autumn in branches
But we have only regrets
But we have only remorses.
But they will never know it
They don’t hear, it’s too late
Too late, too late.

Barbara, translation of her french song " C'est trop tard ".

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