lundi 4 octobre 2010

Debra Shaw at Dior with John Galliano

Debra Shaw, Born on November 14th,1976 at Philadelphia, USA

at Dior S/S 2007 haute couture (with John Galliano)

at Dior S/S 1997 haute coute, illustration by Mina

for Vogue Italia and "Le smoking pour Debra & YSL" , illustrations by Mikel Kilgore

Illustration by Mats Gustafson(?) for Vogue Italia 1997, (courtesy of Debra Shaw)

" I love art illustration so much! It is amusing and inspiring to see how illustrators envision me, It is sometimes therapeutic !
When working with different designers, I enjoy to see the designer's illustration of the outfit I am wearing. I draw inspiration from the illustration by incorporating this vision in my runway performance!
My thoughts are "I am a model and my job IS to become their vision!" This is how I do my research and how I develop my character for most fashion shows!
Illustration has played a very important role for my stage character! This is what makes a great model to me! "
I ♥, respect and appreciate illustrated art!

Debra Shaw
(Merci à Debra, et Mina and Mikel Kilgore for sharing thoughts and illustration!)

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